7 Fresh Guidelines for Fasting!

Healthy / 4 May, 2020

7 Panduan Segar Melaksanakan Ibadah Puasa!

7 Fresh Guidelines for Fasting!

The month of Ramadan has come. Time for believers in all the earth to abstain. Not only improve our religion, withstand hunger and thirst for about 12 hours when abstaining also share various benefits for health tablets when tried with fresh methods. What is the trick so that fasting keeps us fresh too? Here are 7 fresh guidelines for fasting that you can practice.

Guide to Fresh When Fasting

  1. Eat with a normal ration

After a day of abstinence, it is not uncommon for us to break the fast by eating a lot – either a heavy meal or a light meal. Meanwhile, eating too much when breaking the fast can make our stomach feel full and especially makes us sick. For doctors. Magdi Mohamed from Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, eating too much when breaking the fast can make our stomachs cramp a muscle, especially for us to defecate and suffer from gastroentritis problems. This is because our stomachs are required to work hard right after a day’s rest.

So, to not get stomach ache, how should we break the fast? doctor. Mohamed recommends breaking the fast with light meals and water first, then continue eating with a ration of our usual dinner. We should also avoid spicy and sour food when breaking the fast.

  1. Limit sweet foods

Happy to eat dessert and sweets? When fasting we should prevent consuming our favorite sweet foods right. This is because when fasting, it is not uncommon for our blood sugar to rise so it is greater than usual. When we eat a lot of sweet food when fasting, our blood sugar can rise to a very large level and actually results in unfavorable to our health.

Not only that, there are so many sweet food consumption when fasting can also make our bodies sluggish in the daytime. This is because sugar only gives us a lot of energy in just a little duration and after that, we want to feel lethargic, dizzy, sleepy, especially if it can affect the mood resulting in a flash of anger. Don’t you want our fasting to be delayed because you complained last time? So, be careful with sweet food when fasting.

  1. Increase drinking water

When fasting when the weather is hot, our most challenge is to hold a thirst. If we resist thirst with the wrong method, our bodies can face loss of body fluids, dry skin, especially if acute can cause us to face kidney problems. Now, so that our fasting is not prevented by pain due to loss of body fluids, there are methods that we can use to arrange the waves and the amount of water we drink to keep our fasting fresh.

Quoted from Halodoc. com, when fasting we can use the provisions 2- 2- 4 for drinking: 2 cups of water when dawn, 2 cups of water when breaking, and 4 cups of water at night. During fasting, stay away from sweet drinks or have caffeine such as tea and coffee, especially when it’s dawn. Drinks that have caffeine, especially when taken when the meal actually makes our bodies feel thirst all day long.

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

When it comes to dawn and breaking fast, from eating fried food or junk food, you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables usually have large fiber and can make us feel full with fewer calories. Not only that, fruits and vegetables also have the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to protect our strong energy and avoid disease so that we are fresher throughout the fasting month.

Well, so that we don’t get stomachache because our digestion is shocked by fruits and vegetables, especially when breaking the fast, there are some types of guidelines for sorting fruits and vegetables for eating when fasting.

For Livestrong. com, citrus fruits such as citrus, lemon, or lemon citrus should be kept away from during fasting because it makes our stomachs shocked at the level of acidity. In contrast, the selection of fruits that have a lot of water such as watermelons, apples, pears and grapes. For vegetables, we should consume organic vegetables when breaking the fast, especially when processed into juice or salad so that the nutrients do not disappear.

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  1. Take vitamins

When carrying out fasting, our bodies are generally more susceptible to disease because it is not enough to get the nutrients it needs. Well, so that our body’s immune system is always strong and the body is always fresh throughout fasting, not only eating fruits and vegetables, we should also take vit which is currently easily found in the form of pills or gummy to help our bodies to always be bugat.

In the multivitamin that we commonly consume, generally there are various types of vit