Scientists Train Dogs to Detect Corona Virus in the Human Body

Healthy / 6 May, 2020

Scientists Train Dogs to Detect Corona Virus in the Human Body

Scientists Train Dogs to Detect Corona Virus in the Human Body

Researchers are training dogs to detect the Corona COVID-19 virus in humans. The study was initiated by the Penn Vet School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, United States.
This study also wants to prove that dogs are able to detect specific odors from COVID-19 patients, especially those without asymptomatic aliases.

Quoted from Live Science, the astuteness of the dog’s sense of smell in detecting diseases is indeed no doubt. The advantages possessed by these mammals have actually been recognized since the 1980s.

“Many cells produce organic compounds that are volatile and produce a characteristic odor in human body fluids such as blood, saliva, urine as well as from their breath,” said Cynthia Otto, veterinarian and Diretor of Pen Vets Working Dog Center.

Research has shown that the unique odor produced by cancer cells is quite unique, so that a dog’s nose which has 300 million aroma detectors can find the presence of cancer cells in the middle of healthy cells.

Most dogs can be trained in about six months to identify the odor of certain cancer cells. The same ability can allow dogs to identify diseases caused by the Corona COVID-19 virus.

In this research, scientists involved eight dogs that would be trained in the laboratory for more than three weeks.

The dogs wl lern to recognze the sell of COVID-19 from saliva and urine samples from infected patients, with a technique known as odor imprinting. The dogs were then assigned to differentiate between samples of corona virus patients and samples of people who did not suffer from COVID-19 disease.

“The potntial impct of thse dog and their capacity to detect COVID-19 can be very large,” Otto said.

“Tis sty wll utlize the extrordinary abilities of dogs to support the national-scale COVID-19 surveillance system, with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus to the community,” he continued.

Penn Vet made sure the dogs they trained were ready to detect COVID-19 in humans in July 2020.