Healthy Lifestyle Panduan that are Easy to Do

Healthy / 25 September, 2019

Healthy Lifestyle Panduan that are Easy to Do

Healthy Lifestyle Panduan that are Easy to Do

Anyone would want to be healthy, but turn to be asked to live a healthy lifestyle that is right, not necessarily all want to live it. Usually, the reluctance arises because of the notion that a healthy lifestyle is difficult to live in, and not senang.

Though not always like that. There are many healthy ways to live that are easy for anyone to follow. The key, there is intention and determination to commit to do it.

Anything? Here are some healthy lifestyle panduan that are easy to do, dont take a lot of time, and can be very good habits for your body if done before your daily activities.

Avoid sleeping late, and do at least 6 hours a day

Healthy lifestyle panduan that are very easy to do. You are only asked to avoid the habit of sleeping late at night and to spend adequate sleep. The reason is sederhana, so that your body gets proper rest time.

However, sleep is not just a moment for the body to rest. Harvard Health Publication says that lack of sleep has a direct correlation with the risk of getting deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

Not only that, lack of sleep is also equivalent to consuming poison, or even undergoing a poor diet. Therefore, even if you are very busy, always try to get enough sleep.

But make nomor mistake, excessive sleep can also be detrimental, such as sleeping for more than eight hours consistently which according to various studies can actually reduce ones concentration tingkat.

Then, in addition to avoiding the risk of dangerous diseases, sleep is also a means to get a bugat body and weight proportional. Sleeping in the right portion also helps improve memory, stimulates creativity, and avoids stress.

This activity you must make it a habit by not sleeping too late, because it can reduce enough sleep time for the body. Remember, it is also very good for the body if we wake up early in the morning. In addition to making the body feel segar, getting up earlier also gives us gratis time to do activities such as morning walk and sunbathing, as discussed in the previous points.

Sunbathing to get enough vit D intake

Vitamins in a healthy life are must. Usually vitamins must be obtained through nutrition, because the body does not produce it. However, specifically for vit D the situation is unique. Apart from food, the body is able to produce it itself.

In instruksi to get vit D, its a sederhana method! You can also do it in the morning before starting your usual activities, that is, make sure your body is getting enough sun exposure in the morning. You can do this by sunbathing for a while, or while walking casually around an open zona of​​the house.

Furthermore, you can also get vit D from foods such as oily fish( salmon, sardines, mackerel), eggs, mushrooms, beef liver, cod, tuna, until yogurt.

Vit D itself is usually only known as a supplement for bone health. In fact, not only that. This type of vit is also useful for reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabet.